IP & Door Mood Lamp

Consistent lighting created by using a light string and decoration.


Instrument Panel Mood Lamp

Uniform brilliance is guaranteed, thus fulfilling specific decoration needs.


Door Mood Lamp

Soft indirect lighting allows for welcoming interior ambiance.
3M Light String creates uniform illumination.


IP & Door Mood Lamp

Soft indirect interior lighting through Light String illumination.


IP Mood Lamp

Various ambient color options available through light string illumination.


Door Mood Lamp

Sophisticated indoor atmosphere created by indirect lighting.
Multiple colors available through the LIN communication.
Vapor Deposition allows for chrome appearance during the day.


Speaker Grill Mood Lamp

Multi color LED lighting synchronized with the music.
Dynamic changes in lighting enhances the interior space.
Light covered with a metallized finish for daytime chrome appearance.

K3, K5

Cup Holder Mood Lamp

Light string that wraps around the cup holder
which is back lit through bright chrome metalization.


Foot Well Mood Lamp

Enables safe entrance/exit from car.
Lights the darkened areas near the foot well.


Grip Bar Mood Lamp

Long , consistent illumination (approx. 1400mm in length) – using 2 LEDs.
This lighting helps with safe entrance into the vehicle.


IP Mood Lamp

Use of Warm White LED lighting for use on sun visor.
Sequential on/off lighting and dimming enhances passenger experience.