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Michigan-based Tier One Minority-Certified Supplier Goes “All In” on LED with CINOS


LIVONIA, Mich., February 4, 2019—Livonia, Mich.-based Sigma International, a tier one global automotive decorative trim supplier, has acquired a majority interest in CINOS, a LED lighting supplier based in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Sigma International Founder and President Chris Naidoo made the announcement.

LED lighting has evolved dramatically in the automotive space as a result of technological advancements and innovations from companies like CINOS. The complementary products of Sigma International and CINOS ultimately provide OEM’s with highly-sought modernized interior features, which have become a key differentiator in the industry. Together with CINOS, the patented products provide an opportunity to expand business and focus on visual branding and creating “dynamic interiors,” making the combined entity a strategic partner to OEM’s.

“As specialists in the area of decorative coating for interior and exterior plastics, we saw an opportunity to create a new trend in dynamic interiors by utilizing technology CINOS provides and integrating it into our plated and PVD products to better serve our customers,” said Naidoo. “This will allow us to expand our footprint and enhance LED lighting in vehicle interiors like instrument panels, door trim, center consoles and more.”

Incorporating CINOS technology will bring the future to life with capabilities like autonomous pod’s tailoring an environment to the moods and emotions of its passengers. Recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, Kia Motors will begin to utilize this bio-signal recognition technology and artificial intelligence to enhance their interiors as we move into the “emotive driving” era.

“Sigma has been collaborating with CINOS for more than five years and we are eager to work with a company that shares our core values,” said Sigma International Vice President of Business Development Dr. Susie Kim. “This acquisition will strengthen Sigma International’s core competency in decorative lighting and trim, and its globalization effort to better support our customers with innovation, quality and productivity.”

CINOS carries significant brand equity in South Korea and will continue to operate as CINOS in that market as a result. As the company expands into India in early 2019 and China in the second quarter of 2019, the facilities will be co-branded as Sigma International and CINOS.

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About Sigma International

Sigma International is a minority-certified global tier one automotive supplier providing interior and exterior Class A plastic decorative trim. Their products adorn the interiors and exteriors of many top automotive brands from Jeep and Subaru to Cadillac and Lincoln, and more. More information on the company can be found at



CINOS is a market leader in decorative LED lighting and electronics for the automotive industry.  Their products are found on the majority of interiors in Hyundai-Kia vehicles. More information on the company can be found at (English version) and (Korean version).